Monday, 31 August 2015

Stuffed Prawns by Jessie D'Souza
This recipe is inspired by my late mother. With firm ripe tomatoes from the market, she would stuff them with mince and pressure cook. They were cooked to perfection without being mushy, moist and juicy. As a child, the mince filling is what I enjoyed the most. I often wondered how my mother was brave enough to pressure cook the stuffed tomatoes. She was brilliant with amazing cooking skills and perfect timing.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Murgh Malai Kebab by Jessie D'Souza

These creamy kebabs commonly prepared with boneless chicken breasts are flavoured with spices, herbs, cheese and yogurt. They are marinated with a ground creamy paste for a couple of hours, then skewered onto wooden sticks. Either cooked in a tandoor, broiled in the oven or grilled on the barbecue.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Curry With Eggplants And Dried Prawns (Caril Com Beringelas E Camarão Seco) by Jessie D'Souza
My mother often made this curry with eggplants and dried shrimps. She cut the eggpla...nts lengthwise into big pieces. Being fond of spicy and sour, I enjoyed this gravy especially the eggplant that acted as a sponge and soaked in all the spicy goodness. The dried shrimps impart their own flavour and with the addition of a dash of vinegar, this gravy comes to life. It matures and tastes better the next day. A mouth-watering delicious spicy tangy curry.